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Digital marketing agency

We’re in the business of getting you more local businesses using SEO, Web Development, and PPC.

We Help Your Online Presence Grow

We know how busy you are, we understand how much your small business means to you, and we empathize with your pain points. Digital Marketing is an art and a science, and it keeps on getting more complex. But it doesn’t need to worry you, that’s why we’re here.
Digital marketing agency More Local Clients

Digital marketing agency Best Marketing Practice

Best Marketing Practice

Local SEO is not difficult when done right. It takes time, foresight, tools, and the correct approach. That’s where we excel.
Digital marketing agency local SEO

Local SEO Focus

We are not too big for our britches and pretend to do it all. We live and breathe local, just where you need us to.
Digital marketing agency Proven Results

Proven Results

Rankings are fun but if you don’t get more clients they mean diddly squat. So our eyes are on what truly matters.
Did you know that the first 5 websites for any search get 75% of all clicks? 

Why choose our digital marketing company?

There are so many digital marketing agencies out there and all of them present themselves as the very best. So, to put it bluntly, how do you sift through all the BS, and how do you know we’re any different?  First of, with us you get complete transparency and no sales pitches.  Second, there’s no fine print or carefully calibrated ever-increasing pricier service options.  But here are 6 reasons why clients prefer us.

Client-First Approach

It’s not about us, it’s about you. It is your business, your sweat and blood, your dream. Our job is to get that dream wider notice.  So that’s what we focus on all the time, how we take your specific circumstance, your budget, your technical abilities, and your brand, and turn that into more business through your doors.

We Quantify Results

We look at the past, start tracking the current, and build for the future.  All is done with the best-of-breed tools that allow us to know exactly what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how to make more of what we need to happen actually happen.  If one cannot measure results, how does one know they’ve succeeded?

Digital Marketing Experts

Are you the type of “geek” that watches videos on your profession during off hours because they’re fun?  If so, welcome to the club!  That’s what we do with Digital Marketing.  Aside from being fun, it also allows us to stay on top of the latest developments or Google algorithm changes (all…the….time).

We Are Ethical

The name of our parent company Amiveris stands for “Truth” and “Friendship” and that is what we strive to be – your true friend in the business.  Ethics, integrity, and trust are pillars on which that is built.  Everything is above board, no question goes unanswered, and when we tell you something we mean it.

Transparent Reporting

We like technology and love utilizing it so we use tools such as Monday.com, Whitespark, and ahrefs to organize, track, and report on everything.  And you get access to all of the dashboards that show you what’s happening.  No need to wait for a month to see how you’re doing, you can view them anytime you like.

We Value Your Time

Let’s face it, you started your business so you can help people, not so you could do marketing.  That’s why you pay us to do it and we remember that.  So when we start off we spend time getting to know you, setting goals, and ramping up.  Other than that, we won’t bug you but will always be available to answer your questions.

What you get

How our Internet marketing can help

We only focus on one thing – getting you more local business. We don’t want to waste your time with individual service options, we always focus on the whole. On this page you will find what our Local SEO service is about, exactly what you can expect, and how we do it. All that you need to decide if we are the right Local SEO company for you.

SEO Audit

SEO Audit

We perform a full audit to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of your entire online presence



We analyze what you and your competitors are doing in regards to keywords and decide on the best strategy



We get you ranked higher in your local map listings for the right searches and that gets you more calls & clicks



We get you more consistent and optimized reviews from your customers as well as visibility into all reviews online



We get your website ranked on the first page of Google/Bing, and perfect the website structure for SEO



We give you monthly reports detailing everything being done and you get a dashboard to see it for yourself

What clients about Digital Marketing Agency


Don’t just take our word for it

Get a free marketing audit

A lot of the businesses we talk to say they are doing just fine – and if “fine” is what you’re after that’s all right.  If, however, you want to see how you’re actually doing and what it will take to do great, then fill out the info and we will tell you.  Oh, and the audit is FREE.

Digital team

While we are headquartered in Mundelein, IL (close to where our Founder lives) our team is all over the world. This allows us to work in multiple time zones and be productive around the clock. Our full staff is larger and we scale as needed, but here’s the core group.


Allen Vaysberg
Head Dreamer


Vladyslav Trusov
Head of SEO


Marcio Vieyra
Web Dude

image 47

Olga Don
SEO GBP Master

Web marketing – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is digital marketing in 2022 ?

Digital marketing is a general term for marketing products and services that uses digital channels to attract and retain customers. Anything from online radio ads to online contextual ads. In simple terms, digital marketing is any promotion that involves “digital”.

Does digital marketing work for every type of business?

Yes mam/sir! As long as a business has a viable product or service, internet marketing can move their website higher in search rankings and drive more sales. And guess who is using marketing right now? Your competitors.

How do you know that is working for you?

We provide total transparency into the work that we perform. You get monthly reporting showing you what we did, where you were, where you are now and what tasks we are performing. You also get continued keyword and competitive analysis.

What are the main tools of digital marketing used in our company?

We use the most profitable channels for you. We pay special attention to local SEO and contextual advertising.

How long does it take to see results?

The answer depends on your type of business, location, and competition. That said you will start seeing movement up map rankings the first month with significant changes within 90 days. Organic rankings (website) take longer but over 82% of small business clients can reach 1st page of Google at or before 6 months. As for PPC, it’s a channel for getting customers quickly.

Where are the Prices?

Your business is unique and so is our approach. No “cookie cutters” here, we get to know your circumstance and work within your budget to get you more clients.

Didn’t find your answer?

Our heroic support team can help you.

Contact Us

Listen, we are small business owners ourselves and we get pitched ALL THE TIME with services, so we get it! But one thing we have learned over the years is this – if you don’t have a pipeline flush with potential clients you are going backwards. And the only way to get that pipeline filled is through proper marketing. That’s what we are here to help you with. So reach out and let’s put the right strategy for your business in place.

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