Google Business Profile Update November 2022 (New UI)


The update was announced earlier and took place in several stages. All users were surveyed on where they feel more comfortable managing their business profile. As a result, a few months later we got a completely new profile management interface directly from google search.

Also this summer, Google shut down the smartphone app and users stopped using the Google Business Profile app.

How do I edit the information now?

Google has already released helpful instructions on how to add information to your Google profile.

We have also prepared information about several features of the new interface that may be useful for you.

What do you need to know about the new GBP UI 2022?

Previously, you had to go to many sections to edit information or add photos or services for your business. 

You’ll be surprised, but it’s all in one place now. Yes, many people will find the new look strange, but do not immediately criticize (as we did on the first day), better try to make basic changes and you see what has improved.

Updated Google Business Profile (GBP) main interface

So, as you can see, all the information is now collected in one place with the ability to edit a profile, namely:

  • Editing basic information
  • Read reviews about the company
  • Chat with clients
  • Add photo
  • Performance
  • Advertise
  • Edit products
  • Editing services
  • Booking
  • Q&A
  • Add news
  • Ask for feedback

Do you remember how many steps you had to go through before to get a link to the review form. Now it’s done in 1 click.

Advanced functions and other general settings

In addition to the basic functions, we also have additional functions (those on the right side of the burger menu)

google business profile menu

The main menu consists of the following items:

  • Business Profile settings
  • Notifications
  • Add a new Business Profile
  • Your Business Profiles
  • Help & support
  • Send feedback
  • Terms of Service

Business Profile settings:

Add, edit and remove profile managers

Advanced settings
See profile ID and manage labels, shop codes and other settings

Remove Business Profile
Mark this business as closed or permanently remove this profile

Linked accounts
See and manage link requests from other Google products, such as Google Ads or Merchant Center

Google tips are now more visible

Follow Google’s recommendations and you’ll be happy

If you’re new to google business profile, then you should pay attention to these tips, but if you already have experience – google will remind you of something new in this block.

google business profile tips

A few facts and tips about updating Google Business Profile in November 2022

Don’t be intimidated by updates 
Google is a big corporation and the professionals who work there do a lot of research. Only after this research and several years of testing do they publish any changes that in many cases improve or optimize the services.

Never stop learning more and more
With new updates come new opportunities, to get those opportunities you have to learn it and be in tune with your knowledge. You can learn from the best. We can advise you on several sources for this:

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