How To Add Services To Google Business Profile


Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a powerful instrument for local SEO. If you are a local business and want to be on top of Google search you definitely need to know how to add and optimize your services there. 

What are services in GBP and who needs them?

It’s important to optimize your business profile if you are a business that provides services/products in a certain area and deals with customers in person. Services are an important part of your profile. Let’s use an example to show you how to add and fill out services for better ranking.

For example, I am a chiropractor, have my own office in Evanston and want to have new patients. So, if someone who also lives in this area is looking for a “chiropractor near me”, Google will show this person (potential patient) places which are the most relevant to this query.

Google uses a local algorithm to select the most relevant results. If I want to be among this top list, I need to tell Google and my potential patients (clients) about the services which I provide with frequently used keywords and queries (how people search for it).

Features of adding services: instruction

Services give businesses the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to potential customers. In november 2022 Google released a Google Business Profile Update, and if you are new to GBP optimization or have missed it and just wondered what happened with the interface and how to add services now, don’t worry, we prepared manual instruction for you, so you can do the same steps with us, nobody will rush you. 🙂 

Easy manual to understand: 

1. Open your business on Google and you will see a menu to manage your profile.

2. For now, we are interested in “Edit Services”. Please click this icon.

In this screenshot you can see a lot of services that our digital marketing agency provides. If you need something, you know who to go to. 😉 

3. If you have not added services before, this table will be empty, you will see these opportunities:

  • Add services
  • Add business category

Services can be grouped into primary and additional categories, allowing you to organize them. You can add the different services your business offers according to your categories. Firstly you need to add a business category and in this category you can add your services! 👐

Business categories are very important for your ranking. Make sure that you use the most appropriate primary category.

  4. Let’s see how to create Categories in GBP. Click the “Add Business Category” button. You will see the following window.

You can create your business category and Save it. Google can also offer you a service if it is relevant to your business, you can add it!

5. We are almost at the finish line. Hope that everything is clear to you and works out. Let’s see how to add Service in GBP:

  • Click on “Add custom service” button and create your own Service (but don’t forget there is a limit of 120 characters).

6. Now your category and service must be shown on the list. We need to take the last step → add information about your service. Click on your empty service, we have “Free Consultation”.

You will see the following window:

The last thing to do is add a description (there is a limit of 300 characters) and choose a price (No price/Free/Fixed/From). For description use words which will describe your service in the best lite, also don’t forget to use your frequently used keywords and queries.

If you have problems with “how to choose the right words” you can use some of AI platforms, for example – Chat GPT. Chat GPT is the artificial intelligence content platform that helps you to create amazing, original content.

Don’t forget to monitor your profile for suggested Services, as Google from time to time automatically adds or removes services from your profile based on customer feedback and other sources. You can choose to “Accept Changes” or “Review Updates” and edit accordingly.

Google Business Profile optimization – it’s quite an easy thing, but if you don’t think so or don’t have enough time and knowledge to optimize it, but want your profile to get you more local clients – contact us for help. Our team of professionals will be happy to provide these services for you!